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Favorite Products

  • ConvertKit – Email Marketing For Professional Bloggers. I used Mailchimp & Aweber in the past… and made the switch to ConvertKit! Used by successful entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, Nathan Barry has created such a great software that just “gets us.” If you have any kind of email list or use landing pages, I’d highly recommend transitioning to ConvertKit.
  • Ask Wonder – Uber for research. I mean, really good research delivered to you within the same day. Your first question is free and it works great for research papers and answering complex questions. I use it when I’m too lazy too google 20 links.
  • Medium – Where anyone (including you) can start and publish your first blog post to an audience in 5 minutes or less. Send yours to me once you finish.
  • Streaks – The to-do list that helps me form good habits. Voted best health app of 2015 on iTunes!
  • Stayfocusd – This chrome extension limits the amount of time I go on addictive sites like Facebook & Twitter.


  • Signature Sauce – Taught by bestselling author and millennial expert Paul Angone, this is a free 5-week online course that helps you get unstuck and find work you love. Proud supporter of Paul and his work.
  • Land a Job You Love – There is no other person that I would trust with my career than Charlie Hoehn. Working with entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, Tucker Max and Seth Godin, Charlie shares his exact strategy to land your dream job. I’ve used this framework twice and apprenticed under two serial entrepreneurs. Extremely effective.
  • Kopywriting Kourse – If you want to learn how to write better to increase conversions, influence decision, or make people actually WANT to read your work, this is the course for you. Copywriter (and my favorite blogger) Neville Medhora tells it to you straight on how to write great copy. I went through this course and my investment paid off immediately.
  • Booked & Paid To Speak – A free, 9 lesson course that will give you the plan you’re looking for to help you become a speaker taught by the legendary… Grant Baldwin!

College Alternatives

Note: Most of the resources here are completely free. Of the few that aren’t, some contain affiliate links. If you use them, I’ll get a small commission – though there is no extra cost to you. 

I recommend these resources because I use them myself and have a lot of experience with them, and being an affiliate for them allows me to make money to keep running Outside Of The Classroom. Remember that for each resource, there are other options out there – these are simply what I use and love.