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The Outside Of The Classroom Podcast is where curious, self-motivated, and ambitious young people come to learn from a mix of teachers, mentors, and experts. As your host, I promise you that there will never be any BS or fluffy material on the show. We’re tired of learning theory & non-practical information, and I hope you are too. Everything we do will be authentic, actionable, and relevant to improving YOUR life personally and professionally. Listen in to the “#1 podcast for young people on kicking ass in life” quoted by my mom. For feedback on the show, guest recommendations or bad dating advice, holler at me @MrTamPham.

No BS Advice On How To Start Your Own Business

Many of us ambitious & young people want to start their own business, but don’t know where to start. Look no further than this episode. Jason Zook, serial entrepreneur and author of Creativity For Sale, jumps on the podcast to shares exactly how to turn your... read more

How To Land Your Next Business Internship

This episode is specific to young people looking to get into business but it goes in depth with how to job search in today’s fast changing world. Sydney Liu, founder of TalentTrail, takes us all on a journey to help the average person jump start their career and... read more

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Sup, I'm Tam. I write books, interview guests on my podcast, and speak at events in hope that someone learns something useful and lives a better life because of it.