We were always taught to go to college, gain work experience, graduate, work in a cubicle, and pursue our passions on the side.

That’s not what Heath had in mind after he graduated college and found himself working a sales job. Frustrated, Heath quit his sales job to travel to 50 states with his newly wedded wife to work hourly jobs. Next week, he’s traveling to Alaska, his 50th destination in this year long quest, to work his last hourly job. Featured on outlets like CNN, Business Insider, and Yahoo!, Heath has an incredible story to share.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • Why did Heath travel to 50 states in an RV?
  • Should all college graduates live a unconventional life?
  • Why is Heath insisting to do free work when the job market is so tough?
  • How is finding the perfect career like finding the perfect significant other?
  • How to genuinely connect with people “out of your league?”

and so much more…


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